Discipline Is For Losers

Luke Belmar
4 min readApr 8, 2021

Don’t be disciplined. It’s bad. Yes, you heard me right. Discipline is negative reinforcement of something we think we ought to do. You’re not lacking discipline, you are lacking motivation and purpose.

People wonder why they lack the commitment to fulfilling a task, why they rebel against the very things they know will do them good. Yet they never question the methodology they use to achieve the desires results.

Before we begin, let’s look at semantics.

When you’re growing up and do something “bad” or something “authority” doesn’t want you to do, you get what? Disciplined. As you grow up the environment changes yet the metric remains the same. You don’t meet a deadline, you get a formal warning. You drive faster than you “should”, you get a ticket. Everywhere around us, we are being suppressed by negative reinforcement cloaked with the idea of discipline. Negative reinforcement does not work, yet we do that do ourselves all the time.

Instead, we must practice positive reinforcement and reward mechanisms. Rewarding ourselves when we accomplish what we know we must do will result in longevity and consistency.

The same system applies to our #1 employee (your physical body is the employee of your mind), one must reward this employee in order for it to stay motivated to continue progressing. You can only discipline someone X amount of times before they rebel and despise that task.

It is proven time and time again that positive reinforcement is the catalyst for consistency and progress…

It’s not that the task is bad, it’s that the approach we implement towards accomplishing this task that usually doesn’t work. If we can find how and what motivates us to progress, I believe that is where the difference is made.

For example, you have a hard time going to the gym? Well, your reward for exercising is having dinner. Therefore, you begin training yourself to know that you are rewarded dinner conditional to you exercising. This system is not oppressive, it’s not managed by discipline but by rewarding positive behavior.

We have been handed everything on a platter that is why we have become mentally weak and extremely dull. If you turn everything into a reward, even a cup of water can be…



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