Wealth is a Mindset

Luke Belmar
4 min readMar 21, 2021

Over the last 5 years of my entrepreneurship journey, I always wondered what was the difference between those that run the ecosystem of this planet and those that just appear to flex big plays, yet are still small players of the game. The difference is quite astonishing.

Let me preface, the people you see on online flexing foreign whips and diamond chains have very little understanding of how the game is played, who runs it, and how to be the game maker instead of a piece that is moved around on the chessboard of life. Avoid these fools. The game makers are the real OGs, these are the people who create the rules, the loopholes, and the think tanks that design the ladder that we so desperately try to climb thinking we can make it to the top.

My biggest motivation to become a game maker and not a puppet in the theater show of life was to experience true and ultimate freedom (a commodity that very few human beings get to experience). From birth, we are conditioned to be debt slaves of the system. Rat racing away while giving up our greatest commodities (time, health, and creativity) to a system that will leach onto our energy until they suck our life dry. When DJ Khalid said “They don’t want us to win.” he wasn’t kidding.

Before we even begin talking about what wealth is we must first define it. Wealth is abundance, an unlimited supply of whatever resource you consider essential to your freedom or survival. To many uneducated individuals, wealth is attributed to dollars in a bank account or high-income-producing jobs (this includes self-employment). To others, it may be freshwater or warm food on the table. At the end of the day, wealth can only be measured by the level of mindset one has, and the exposure of information that one has which dictates the way that one perceives the world.

So why is wealth a mindset? It's quite simple. Everything originates in the mind. You create a reality (often elusive) based on the information you are given regarding such reality. The makers of the game know this, that is why they forced themselves into getting access to your mind at a young age so that you are indoctrinated into a set of beliefs that are favorable for them.

We know this is true because everyone learns the same things from the system that claims to have our best interest in mind, yet the…

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